M2 High Speed Steel Round Bar 1.3343 / SKH51 / HS6-5-2C / W6Mo5Cr4V2

M2 High Speed Steel Round Bar 1.3343 / SKH51 / HS6-5-2C / W6Mo5Cr4V2

Categories:Steel Bars

Model No.:M2

Shape: Round, Square, Flat, Plate…

Round: Dia 3mm-300mm.
Square/Flat: Th 3-120mm x W 3-300mm.
Plate: Th 1-60mm x W 10-810mm.

Surface condition: Smooth, Peeled, Turned, Grinded, Polished, Milling, Black…

MOQ: 0.30-0.50ton.


M2 High Speed Steel Round Bar 1.3343 / SKH51 / HS6-5-2C / W6Mo5Cr4V2


M2 high speed steel round bar, the main use of high-speed steels continues to be in the manufacture of various cutting tools. Typical applications for M2 high speed steel are twist drills, reamers, broaching tools, taps, milling tools, metal saws. M2 is suitable for cold forming tools such as extrusion rams and dies, also widely used in all kinds of cutting tools, knife and punches and die applications, plastic moulds with elevated wear resistance and screws, etc.

Quality Standard

-ASTM A600 Standard for High Speed Tool Steel.

-JIS G4403 standard for High speed tool steels.

-BS EN ISO 4957 for Tool Steel.

All Grades Comparison

ASTM                       DIN                          EN                             JIS                             GB

M2                         1.3343                  HS6-5-2C                    SKH51                 W6Mo5Cr4V2

Chemical Composition(%)

Steel GradeCSiMnPSCrMoVW
M20.95-1.050.20-0.500.15-0.400.030 max0.030 max3.75-4.504.50-5.501.75-2.205.50-6.75
1.33430.86-0.940.45 max0.40 max0.030 max0.030 max3.80-4.504.70-5.201.70-2.405.90-6.70
W6Mo5Cr4V20.80-0.900.25-0.450.15-0.400.030 max0.030 max3.80-4.404.50-5.501.75-2.205.50-6.75

Heat Treatment


In order to avoid decarburization, this grade should be annealed in a controlled neutral atmosphere, vacuum, or neutral salt furnace environment.

Heat to 1600° F, soak thoroughly at heat. Furnace cool 25° F per hour to 900° F, air cool to room temperature. Approximate annealed hardness 241 Maximum Brinell.

Stress Relief of Unhardened Material: Heat slowly to 1200 to 1250° F. Soak for two hours per inch of thickness at heat. Slow cool (furnace cool if possible) to room temperature.

For full hardness, oil quench to 150-200° F. Air quench to 150° F. When quenching in hot salt maintain the quench just above the Ms temperature. After equalizing withdraw parts from the hot salt and air cooled to 150° F.

Double temper is mandatory, three tempers are sometimes preferred. Soak for 2 hours per inch of thickness. Air cool to room temperature between tempers. The best tempering range for hardness, strength and toughness is 1000 to 1050° F.


500 ton per month.


Chemical Composition, Mechanical Property, Hardness testing, Ultrasonic testing, Metallographic, Dimension and Surface.


Each bundles of max 2,000kg with several steel strips, Two tags on each bundle, Wrapped in waterproof paper, PVC sleeve, and sackcloth with several steel strips.

Mill’s Test Certificate

EN 10204/3.1 with all relevant data reg. chem. composition, mech. properties and results of testing.

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