JIS G3448 Light Gauge Stainless Steel Tubes For Ordinary Piping

JIS G3448 Light Gauge Stainless Steel Tubes For Ordinary Piping

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Model No.:JIS G3448


JIS G3448 Light Gauge Stainless Steel Tubes for Ordinary Piping


JIS G3448 the stainless steel pipes used for the piping of water supply, hot water supply, drainage, cold and hot water supply and there, of which maximum working pressure is 1 MPa of under.


JIS G3448 Grade

SUS 304 TPD For ordinary piping of water supply, hot water supply, drainage, cold and hot water supply, etc.

SUS 31 6 TPD For use to require corrosion resistance higher than SUS 304 to cope with water quality, environments, etc.


JIS G3448Manufacture

Automatic arc welded steel pipe: -A

Electric resistance welded steel pipe: -E

Laser welded steel pipe: -L

heat treatment: -HT


JIS G3448 Dimensions

Outside diameter :DN 8-300

Thickness : 0.5-10mm

Length : 4m / 6m / random / order


JIS G3448 Materials and method of manufacture

The materials of pipes and the method of manufacture shall be as follows:

1 Materials steel plates or stripe used for the pipes shall be as specified in either JIS G 4304, JIS 4305

2 Method of manufacture The pipes shall be manufactured by automatic arc welding, laser welding, or electric resistance welding, and shall. as a rule, be not heat-treated. The heat treatment, if applied, shall be made by solution treatment to be followed by acid cleaning or similar treatments, Heat treatments other than the solution treatment shall be as agreed upon between the purchaser and supplier.


JIS G3448 Appearance

The appearance of pipes shall be as follows:

(1) The pipes shall be straight for practical use and their both ends shall be at right angles to the axes of the pipes.

(2) The internal and external surfaces of the pipes shall be well finished and free from defects injurious to use.


JIS G3448 Influence on water quality

Pipes to be used for city water of the like shall bot exert any bad influences on the quality of water.


JIS G3448 Hydraulic or pneumatic test characteristic, or nondestructive test characteristic

Pipes shall be tested in accordance with 9.2 and free from flaws and cracks on the wall of the pipes. In this case, the distance between the flat plates shall be 2/3 of the outside diameter of the pipe.

1 Hydraulic or pneumatic test characteristic When a hydraulic pressure of 2.5 MPa or a pneumatic pressure of 0.6 MPa is applied, the pipe shall withstand it without any leakage.

2 Nondestructive test characteristic Pipes shall be subjected to the nondestructive test by the Eddy current test, and there shall be no signal equal to or greater than the signals produced by the artificial flaws of the reference test piece of the sensitivity of the flaw detection division EY specified in JIS G 0583


JIS G3448 Marking

Pipes having passed the inspection shall be marked with the following items on each pipe. The order of arranging the items is not specified. However, when approved by the

purchaser, the pipes may be bundled and the items may be marked on each bundle by a suitable method.

(1) Symbol of grade

(2) Symbol expressing manufacturing method

(3) Dimensions

(4) Manufacturer's name or abbreviation


JIS G3448Test and Inspection

Chemical analysis

Tensile test at room temperature

Tensile test at elevated temperature

impact test at room temperature

impact test at low temperature

flattening test

ring tensile test

drift expending test

ring expanding test

leak tightness test

eddy current test

ultrasonic test

magnetic flux leakage test


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